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Our Community feature allows those who have experienced the power of HeadCleaner to communicate in our social media app, all without ads or the downsides of many other platforms — provided they follow our simple netiquette rules.

Those enrolled in at least one paid course can access this feature.

Community Netiquette Rules

At this moment in history, insidious algorithms are allowed to run unchecked, often polarizing minds for profit. As a result, we have established house rules for effective communication within our Community. Disregarding these rules can lead to account closure without refund. These 9 rules should be second nature to most and are easy to follow.
  • Be respectful. Never shame people for their comments or what they share.
  • Be gracious. Say thanks when people answer your questions or post things you appreciate.
  • Forgive people. We all have times when we are tired, off, ignorant, silly, or just a bit odd.
  • Try to avoid giving advice. Life advice is warranted only if it was specifically asked for.
  • Do not comment in anger. Angry text will remain after your emotions have passed.
  • Be a real person. Do not hide behind a fake screen name. You are accountable like you are in face to face interactions.
  • Avoid sarcasm. Jokes that require tone of voice for delivery might be misinterpreted as rudeness.
  • Do not advertise.  Sharing product links is fine if the link you share is relevant. No outside affiliate links.
  • Do not proselytize. This is not the forum for politics, religion, sports, or conspiracy theorists.

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