Meet the host and founder of Mandala Meditations

Geoff Fitzpatrick

From an early age, I have had a healthy desire to understand what drives our behaviour and why we become who we are.

Living in this western capitalist world, courtesy of where I was born, I’ve found myself creating 2 indie advertising companies. As much as I love my work in advertising, I need more than that. I have a deep longing to add meaning to my life, and I can’t help
but wonder all the time about the bigger questions……
What’s it all about?

For over 2 decades now I have been on a quest to understand the deeper workings of my psyche. In college, I studied the works of pioneering motivational psychologist Abraham Maslow. I started to practice meditation regularly 20 years ago. Perhaps most significantly of all, I began a journey of extensive training in Transpersonal Psychology that lasted 15 years.

Dr. Stanislav Grof has spent 6 decades distilling a map of the mind that I have explicitly adopted into everything I do. I proudly certified in his school of training in 2015. Additionally, I have organically developed a deep meditation technique involving the creation of geometric sand mandalas, and hosted over 50 workshops offering this unique way to deeply explore consciousness. I am a Guest Teacher with the international psychology school I trained with, and have hosted weeklong retreats in Ireland, Austria and Tasmania.
Working with hundreds of people in expanded states of consciousness, together with my deepening insight into the mechanics of the advertising industry, has resulted in an unlikely marriage. It has provided me with a unique perspective through which I attempt as best I can to understand how our psyches work and how they
are influenced.

In recent years, particularly with the rise of algorithms, I have devoted most of my free time to reading, researching and understanding the inordinate hold our devices now have over our precious psyches.

Bringing groups of people together in the real world for meaningful inner experiences drives me. I have a sincere belief that each of us has a special resource inside ourselves. You could call this your common sense, or your higher self, your intuition or simply your gut feeling. We all have this still small voice within. This is the source of our most creative ideas. There is an inner intelligence inside each of us that holds the potential to guide us through any challenge, reveal insights and enable breakthroughs.

HeadCleaner is an antidote, a counterbalance to the tsunami of distractions that relentlessly bombard us. Ultimately, my mission is to share the experience with as many people as I can. My intent is to support people to get the time, space and permission to disconnect from their devices. This can facilitate a graceful reconnection with the single greatest resource inside us all. The inner light of our own awareness.
I believe if we all simply lived from here, we would live in a beautiful world!

Geoff's Other Ventures

Please explore his other passion projects and business ventures below...

Sacred Geometry Academy

Geoff co-founded and actively runs Sacred Geometry Academy with Scott Onstott where they together offer live online workshops, pre-recorded courses, in-person residential retreats, live online meditation experiences, plus a variety of fascinating Sacred Geometry products.

Holotropic Breathwork

Geoff received his Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator Certification in 2015 and is a guest teacher with the global Holotropic Training School "Grof Transpersonal Training."

MandalaNature — Mandala Workshops

Geoff has hosted over 50 MandalaNature© in-person workshops over the last decade in a very special venue in Ireland built in 1750 called Carton House Estate. The centerpiece is a dome lined with thousands of tropical shells—especially fitting in how participants decorate mandalas with shells and sand.

Crop Circle Explorers — Synchronicity School

Geoff co-founded Crop Circle Explorers with Karen Alexander of Their workshops look at the role of synchronicity and intuition in our lives and how we might follow our synchronicities to live a more immersive and meaningful life.

Orb — Digital Out of Home Advertising

Geoff is Founder and CEO of Orb, Ireland's largest street-side digital out of home network with Orb screens strategically located in high density foot-fall hotspots. City centre, down town, busy commercial hubs, creative quarters, entertaining and eating areas define Orb's focus.

Dodeca — Large Scale Brand Activations

Geoff is also Founder and CEO of Dodeca, an ad agency creating experiences which grasp attention and leave a lasting impression. The Dodeca team are masters of graphic & motion design, projection mapping, video & installation production, coding, project management, ideation, and strategy.

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