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Your awareness
Your choice

Your awareness  Your choice

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Mandala Meditation

Amidst today’s sea of endless information, Mandala Meditation invites you to a place of inner stillness. Here, stepping away from distraction, you connect deeply with your inherent essence. The most profound guidance, healing, and understanding arise not from external sources, but from this personalised intelligence within.
This is the essence of Mandala Meditation.

Learn the Art of Making

Your Awareness,
Your Choice

Just as we choose our nourishment, we must select wisely the content that feeds our consciousness. Mandalas serve as an exquisite tool in this endeavor, radiating qualities of wholeness, beauty, and harmony. They act as a beacon, guiding us back to our true nature, enabling it to unfurl from within. By aligning with our essence, we seize the reins of our attention, becoming free from external influences that aim to dictate the direction of our awareness. Remember: Your awareness, your choice.
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True Nature

Within you resides a timeless truth: you are already whole, perfect, complete. Mandalas serve as mirrors, echoing this profound realisation. Meditate upon their symmetry and beauty, and in their reflections, rediscover the depths of your own essence. In stillness, you are invited to witness and embrace your True Nature's brilliance.

Inner Freedom

In delving inward, you touch a profound freedom. It's a liberation from wanting life to be different than how it is. In this space, there's a deep acceptance of the now, revealing that everything is already perfect. The key to true peace lies in embracing the present, unconditionally.
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A Palate Cleanser for your Consciousness

In a world constantly buzzing with stimuli, it's vital to have a 'palate cleanser for the mind', a momentary pause to discern, ensuring we wisely curate our inner landscape.


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What is Mandala Meditation?

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Awesome Motion Graphics

Custom designed dynamic sacred geometry visualizations will blow your individual mind may send you deeply into the experience of COLLECTIVE MIND.

Epic Soundtracks

Unique wordless ambient soundscapes created expressly for HeadCleaner by an internationally recognized Berlin-based DJ, a pioneer of musical trance genres.

Collective LIVE experience

Never recorded — always LIVE,  guaranteed to be a moving guided experience harnessing the power of community for inner transformation.

HeadCleaner Goes Deep


Break from the endless buzz of distraction


Connect with your true self in inner solitude


Receive guidance from your unique inner nature

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—Adam Alter (Irresistible)
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