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10AM - 12PM PDT | 1PM - 3 PM EDT | 6PM - 8PM IST/BST


HeadCleaner is a unique blend of visuals, music and community. The experience brings you deeply within and connects you with your greatest resource: the illuminating light of your own awareness, your inner oasis.

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In this 8 module course you will learn how to get access to the deepest part of yourself. Together we will explore the benefits of this pursuit...
  • By coming into harmony with the source of who you are; You are brought into alignment with the source of all that is.
  • Connect with higher forces that empower you, give you courage and energy to realise the latent happiness within you.
  • We will explore a helpful map of consciousness and lay out an easy way to connect with this precious inner resource.
  • During each module you will experience a new HeadCleaner exercise, a visual journey designed to help you connect with higher forces.
  • The six modules bring you step by step through the process and each lesson builds upon the previous one.
  • The course culminates with a full immersion where you will put all the parts together into one complete Master Experience.
  • The HeadCleaner Experience teaches you tools for consciousness exploration and supports you connect with higher forces.
  • This connection leaves you calm, relaxed and at ease with yourself and the world.
  • A pleasing re-arrangement of consciousness occurs from which your innate happiness arises.
"Geoff’s HeadCleaner meditation does what it says on the tin. It was a deeply moving and cleansing experience. It's all beautifully set up. The visuals are very compelling."
–HeadCleaner Participant

What problem does HeadCleaner Solve?

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  • There is an obstacle blocking you from your Inner Oasis. It is the way we live today DISTRACTED, FROM DISTRACTION BY DISTRACTION.
  • It is difficult to discern just how much noise our devices pump into our heads before we TURN OFF.

“It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
– J. Krishnamurti

"The HeadCleaner meditations are so well done. So beautiful, so profound, and I truly had no idea how deep that they would take me into my own psyche into my own transformation. I'm so grateful for the opportunity. And I'm so grateful for Geoff for creating this and for sharing this with the world."
–HeadCleaner Participant


Why I created the HeadCleaner Programme...

  • I created this course because I believe all of us have a rich reservoir of intelligence within us.
  • The source of who you are at the deepest level is a wellspring of wisdom.
  • Living from this place gives you the courage to be who you truly are.
  • Each human being is entirely original, unique and a ‘one of a kind.’ I created this course to reconnect you with this side of yourself.
  • Authentic self-expression is beneficial for you because it leads you to become who you are meant to be.
  • Most of all it is what the world needs now too. The more people who are deeply connected to their higher selves and free to be who they are, the greater their contribution to our world.
  • HeadCleaner connects you a sublime force within you which teaches, heals and guides you

This course is for you — if you...

  • Are ready to reclaim your awareness in order to enjoy it in your own chosen way.
  • Believe and feel there is a deep intelligence within you.
  • Have had moments when you felt a strong connection with your intuition.
  • Would like an easy consistent method for accessing your inner wisdom.
  • Feel sometimes your relationship with your devices is less than wholesome.
  • You are concerned about the collective effect of algorithms on our awareness.
  • You feel deep down there is more to reality than infinite scrolls, hearts and thumbs up.
  • You have a desire to dive into the deeper dimensions to see more, be more and become more for yourself and for the benefit of others.
"I'm not normally a fan of guided meditation, or supplementing visualisations with videos and music. But what Geoff has put together is really quite extraordinary. And I highly recommend it."
–HeadCleaner Participant

What makes HeadCleaner unique?

  • Most of all HeadCleaner is an active exercise that directly engages the machinery of your consciousness.
  • It is less about left brain learning and acquiring knowledge and more about actually helping you become who you are at the deepest level
HeadCleaner is a unique blend of visuals, music and community:
  1. Visuals — A specifically created visual journey comprising of rich sacred geometry motion graphics. I have worked alongside a leading edge motion graphics designer to create a one of a kind, tailored visual experience. Each element of the guided meditation is integrated seamlessly into the visuals. This allows you become completely absorbed in the visuals and makes one pointed concentration easy.
  2. Music — A specially commissioned soundtrack has been composed by a world leading composer (Electric Universe) to complement the visuals. The sound is synched with the visuals and the stages of the meditation. This takes you deeply into connection with your inner world and allows the outside world float away effortlessly.
  3. Community — HeadCleaner is a live experience that brings people together in real time. Having accessed the deepest part of yourself we connect in small groups with the option of sharing something that has heart and meaning. The group simply gives the gift of presence to each other. When you are seen and received deeply for who you really are it is a wonderful healing feeling.

The HeadCleaner Method and how it works

The HeadCleaner Method teaches you five tools for consciousness exploration. The course culminates with a full immersion in the complete 23 minute HeadCleaner journey where you will put all the parts together into one amazing master experience. The tools are:
1. Breathing
2. Let Go
3. Illuminate
4. Transit & Share
5. Receptivity
6. Integration
"I have to say I was sceptical at first like thinking I'm going to look at a screen and you know, try to get into a meditation. But I put my headphones on and I was so deeply moved by Geoff’s voice and how he put together these amazing journeys in video form with music, and I was pretty surprised.

I was definitely pleasantly surprised and had the experience of doing a few of these through the course of the weekend. And a week later, I'm still I'm still thinking about it and wishing that I could experience those again, a great tool. A great project and I can't wait to experience another HeadCleaner session."
–HeadCleaner Participant


Why you Should try HeadCleaner NOW!!

  • We are all given 86,400 seconds per day. Now more than ever, it is necessary to choose wisely what to do with your time.
  • The onslaught of the attention economy is increasing.
  • The capability of our devices to domineer our precious awareness grows with each second we spend on our screens.
  • The moment you stop feeding the machine you loosen the hold it has over you. Do this now and you will feel the freedom immediately.
  • Stop giving your attention away for free to the attention harvesting algorithms.
  • Reclaim your most precious resource and employ it in ways that serve your best interests.


Our devices now dominate the domains of our minds so comprehensively it is overwhelming. Movies like the Social Dilemma and movements like the centre for Humane Tech are all part of a rising tide addressing this pressing issue.

TUNE IN the source of who you are at the deepest level, the rich reservoir of higher intelligence and wisdom that teaches, heals and guides you from within. All the great spiritual teachers old and new point to the same source within you.


Stop participating with all and any of the attention harvesting algorithms. Drop out of the social norm of giving your attention away for free. Drop out of the data mining machines that would rather turn you into a consumer. Instead reclaim your innate calling and your capacities as a Creator!
"Words are inadequate for me to describe the powerful experience of love of myself and others that I felt during the experience of HeadCleaner. It's been so helpful that I wish to repeat it many times."
–HeadCleaner Participant

Module Outline

Title: The Inner Oasis
Visualisation 1: Breathing
Additional Materials: Psychology and Similitude.pdf

In module 1 we will explore:
  • Opening the gates to deeper layers of consciousness
  • The fruits of Turning Inwards
  • Deepening presence
  • Breathing as a bridge to the inner world
  • HeadCleaner Consciousness Map
Title: TURN OFF - Letting Go - Clearing the channel
Visualisation 2: Let Go
Additional Materials: The HeadCleaner Process.pdf

In module 2 we will explore:
  • How letting go lightens the psychic load
  • Creating inner spaciousness
  • Turning Off as an act of reclaiming power
Title: TUNE IN #1
Subtitle: Aspects of the Inner World
Visualisation 3: Warmth and Light - Body
Additional Materials: Aspects of the Inner Healer.pdf

In module 3 we will explore:
  • The Pearl Beyond Price
  • The Anam Cara
  • The Still Small Voice Inside
  • Inner Space
  • Inner Light
"I'm really grateful for the opportunity to have had the HeadCleaner experience last weekend. First of all, I'd like to say, the sophistication and creativity and how well integrated it is. The visuals and the music, and Geoff’s guidance, his prompts were really wonderful. And for me, it induced me into a quite a powerful experience. So it's something I would definitely recommend it and something that I would really like to do again."
–HeadCleaner Participant
Title: TUNE IN #2
Subtitle: Gifts of the Inner World
Visualisation 4: Warmth and Light - Inner Body
Additional Materials: Gifts of the Inner Healer.pdf

In module 1 we will explore:
  • Individuality
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Presence
Subtitle: Generating Outflow
Visualisation 5: Share with loved ones and expand far and wide
Additional Materials: Active Love and Outflow.pdf

In module 5 we will explore:
  • Generating Loving Kindness for yourself
  • Sharing this outwardly with others
  • Principle of Outflow
  • Indra’s Net
  • Innate Happiness
Title: Receptivity
Subtitle: Doing Not Doing
Visualisation 6: Behind closed eyelids

In module 6 we will explore:
  • Opening to inner resources
  • The Dynamic of Will and Grace
  • Surrender
  • The Symbolic Language of the Subconscious
  • Be who you are fully, Here, Now
"Thank you for sharing your HeadCleaner experience with us last Saturday. It was a very interesting, calming peaceful experience, one that I think does a lot of good in this time of turmoil and unprecedented change. And it was very refreshing. Thank you very much!"
–HeadCleaner Participant
Title: Integration
Subtitle: The One Way Sharing Group

In module 7 we will explore:
  • The gift of presence
  • Authentic self expression
  • Deep listening
  • The healing potential of being deeply seen
  • Similitude - Like attracts like
Title: Bringing it all Together
Subtitle: The Full HeadCleaner Experience
Visualisation: Complete Unabridged HeadCleaner

In module 8 we will enjoy:
  • Putting it all together
  • The full unabridged complete HeadCleaner Journey
  • Preparation, Session, Interation
Meet the host and founder of headcleaner

Geoff Fitzpatrick

Advertising, Meditation, Psychology and Tibetan Sand Mandalas do not typically “go together” like shoes and socks. But that’s me!

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my wife and two teenage daughters. From an early age, I have had a healthy desire to understand what drives our behaviour and why we become who we are.

Living in this western capitalist world, courtesy of where I was born, I’ve found myself creating 2 indie advertising companies. As much as I love my work in advertising, I need more than that. I have a deep longing to add meaning to my life, and I can’t help but wonder all the time about the bigger questions…… What’s it all about?

For over 2 decades now I have been on a quest to understand the deeper workings of my psyche. In college, I studied the works of pioneering motivational psychologist Abraham Maslow. I started to practice meditation regularly 20 years ago. Perhaps most significantly of all, I began a journey of extensive training in Transpersonal Psychology that lasted 15 years.

Dr. Stanislav Grof has spent 6 decades distilling a map of the mind that I have explicitly adopted into everything I do. I proudly certified in his school of training in 2015.  Additionally, I have organically developed a deep meditation technique involving the creation of geometric sand mandalas, and hosted over 50 workshops offering this unique way to deeply explore consciousness. I am a Guest Teacher with the international psychology school I trained with, and have hosted weeklong retreats in Ireland, Austria and Tasmania.

Working with hundreds of people in expanded states of consciousness, together with my deepening insight into the mechanics of the advertising industry, has resulted in an unlikely marriage. It has provided me with a unique perspective through which I attempt as best I can to understand how our psyches work and how they are influenced.

In recent years, particularly with the rise of algorithms, I have devoted most of my free time to reading, researching and understanding the inordinate hold our devices now have over our precious psyches.

Bringing groups of people together in the real world for meaningful inner experiences drives me. I have a sincere belief that each of us has a special resource inside ourselves. You could call this your common sense, or your higher self, your intuition or simply your gut feeling. We all have this still small voice within. This is the source of our most creative ideas. There is an inner intelligence inside each of us that holds the potential to guide us through any challenge, reveal insights and enable breakthroughs.

HeadCleaner is an antidote, a counterbalance to the tsunami of distractions that relentlessly bombard us. Ultimately, my mission is to share the experience with as many people as I can. My intent is to support people to get the time, space and permission to disconnect from their devices. This can facilitate a graceful reconnection with the single greatest resource inside us all. The inner light of our own awareness.

I believe if we all simply lived from here, we would live in a beautiful world!

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